7 Top Tips For Building A Successful Team

February 19, 2013

As a manager, one of your main areas of focus will be the desire to build a successful team? This simple guide provides a route to success.

1. Dream It!

Visualise in your mind’s eye what YOUR team will look like. What culture do you want to create? Focused, Fun and Forward-looking? Creative, Caring and Can-do? What behaviours will you be looking for?

2. Build It!

Recruit for attitude and attract like minded people. Recruiting on knowledge and skills alone may not give you the results you are looking for. People need to be able to work together, so trust your instinct to have people who work for each other.

3. S.W.O.T. It!

Analyse the skills, knowledge and attitude required and identify any gaps. Find out the Strengths in your team and potential Weaknesses. Consider the Opportunities they bring and what could be a Threat to the team’s success. Undertaking a Belbin team role assessment will help to discover natural styles and abilities as well as help you to spot any shortfalls in the team. Decide how and who will fill these roles.

4. Equip It!

As a manager your role is to facilitate. Provide the resources they need and train to fill the gaps in knowledge, skills and application.

5. Evolve It!

Enjoy the journey together and test regularly (test against your vision in 1 above). Encourage people to push themselves and try new things.

6. Celebrate It!

Celebrate successes but most importantly help the team learn from the failures. This may be the ideal opportunity to revisit Belbin the team assessment. Discuss what helped or hindered the team?

7. Renew It!

Attract new talent to replace for natural progression. Scout for new talent. One measure of success is that you have developed people so well that they create opportunities for themselves to grow and move on when the time is right. Having an attitude where you help your team members to progress will often attract good people.

So, if you want a great team – build it!

Many thanks

Chris Gale

Director of Training at MTD


(Image by David Castillo Dominici at FreeDigitalPhotos.net)

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