5 Ways To Get More From Your Temp Workers

February 1, 2013

Temporary workers are rapidly becoming a mainstay in many businesses. They offer a number of benefits – experience, training, and availability – while reducing the financial strain on your business, as well as legal burdens such as 401k matching, insurance and more.

And, it’s a trend that is gaining popularity; Payscale.com reports, “In a 2011 McKinsey Global Institute U.S. Jobs Survey of 2,000 employers of all sizes and in all sectors, 34% said they expect their companies will use more temporary and contract workers over the next five years.” So, if you are wondering how you can get more out of your current or future temporary workforce, consider the following options.

Build A Relationship With A PEO                                                                                                                                             

Staffing agencies, or professional employer organizations, are an integral link between temp workers and businesses; PEO’s take on the responsibility of sourcing, hiring, and placing temp workers within your business according to your needs and specifications. Therefore, in order to get the best from your workers, you need to work to build a relationship with your PEO.

  • The more you communicate with your staffing agency, the better they’ll be able to find temporary workers that fit with your business’s needs and culture. A temp that is a perfect fit for your business will be more productive and effective than one who was not selected so judiciously.

Fill Staffing Shortfalls

Sometimes you lose staff unexpectedly and don’t have a replacement lined up to fill their position. It can take weeks or even months to source a permanent replacement, leaving your business short-handed.

The rest of your staff may become overworked from picking up the slack, especially in businesses with few employees. Rather than rushing to fill the position with a candidate who may not be the right fit, you can take advantage of the services of a temp.

  • When you hire a temp to fill a permanent position temporarily, you get the benefit of having someone in the position doing the work while you look for a permanent replacement.

Temp Onboarding

Getting more from your temp workers can be as easy as properly onboarding them into your business. Be sure your temps know enough about the company and its culture that they feel comfortable at work. Everyone wants to feel like they fit in; your temps will be more effective and productive if you make the effort to integrate them into your company.

  • Communicate with your permanent staff ahead of a new temp’s arrival, especially if they are replacing a former employee. Ask them to help onboard your new worker to the company and make them feel comfortable. This can prevent a clash of culture or personalities that can poison the office environment.

Special Projects

Temp workers are available at every level of employment – from standard administrative to those highly trained with years of experience and highly specialized skills. When you need a specific, short-term project completed, you can hire a temporary employee with the dedicated skills required to complete the project.

  • Temps, or consultants, can complete a variety of short-term projects for your business, including: website design, search engine optimization, software audit, legal advice, and more.


For some positions, even after several interviews it may still be difficult to assess how well the candidate will perform on the job. Only after several months will you be able to determine whether or not the candidate will work out in the long-term.

In order to avoid the ramifications of hiring-and-firing permanent job candidates, you can offer them the position on a temporary basis. Once the candidate has been thoroughly assessed over time, you can make the decision to keep them on permanently or continue the search.

Temporary workers can fill a variety of positions within your business, and when used correctly can be a valuable tool in your time of need.

Guest Blog By Megan Webb-Morgan from Resource Nation

Megan Webb-Morgan is a web content writer for www.ResourceNation.com. She writes about small business, focusing on topics such as business sales. Follow Resource Nation on Google+, Facebook and Twitter, too!


(Image by Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net)

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