So, will the training be worth it?

 We can measure the effectiveness and success of your course at NO ADDITIONAL COST!

You might have come to this page either in the position to spend (i.e you have got your training funds already) or you might have to justify the course to someone in order for you to get the required budget.

Either way we are 100% certain that there are many other areas and activities that are competing for that budget so it is vital that you can prove that it is going to be well worth it!

Your organisation, like any other, will want to be assured that the training they’re spending money on actually works.

At MTD, we not only offer an unrivalled learning experience for every delegate but also our post course email and telephone support is second to none. Well let us now throw in another reason that makes us so special as well!

Evaluating the success of your training event

It may sound like something that you’ll hear in a car showroom but we offer a Return On Investment Evaluation System that comes as standard with every event that we run.

So, what does this mean?

Well,  it means that we will put a system in place that measures the effectiveness of your training course or programme.

When we say it is “fitted as standard” what we mean is that you can take advantage of this activity at no additional cost whatsoever. It is an additional added value service that makes us so unique.

So you can choose to have it or not!

Tailor made evaluation systems – the process

Before your course takes place we would discuss, determine and agree some critical success factors based upon the reasons why the training was required in the first place. We would then design a tailor made evaluation system that is based upon your business and the way it operates.

Here are some steps that you might want to take advantage of if you decide to run an Evaluation System for your course.


The Kirkpatrick Evaluation Model

1. Reaction: how participants have reacted to the programme
2. Learning: what participants have learnt from the programme
3. Behavior: whether what was learnt is being applied on the job
4. Results: whether that application is achieving results

You can decide to use some or all of the steps from the Kirkpatrick model below:



Please provide us with what you are looking for and what you would like to achieve and we will get back to you with a free, no obligation proposal along with the costs.