Presentation Skills Training

Course Overview

Presenting information, solutions, technical data or sales pitches is a regular requirement in today’s business environment, but for many, the challenge is how to do it well, how to deliver with impact, how to be remembered for the right reasons! A key question is – do you enjoy presenting? Are you good at it? Do you receive positive feedback? Do you know what good looks like?

This course is designed to give you the confidence to apply taught skills, knowledge, techniques and strategies so that the nerves don’t trip you up and your presentations are winning presentations which close the deal, gain the commitment, get the message across with impact, style, humour when required, and with an overall sense that you are up there with the best!

Who Will Benefit From The Course?

  • Anyone at all who needs to give presentations to team members, colleagues, managers and directors, potential or existing customers
  • Managers and leaders who need to get the message across and gain commitment
  • First time / first line supervisors, team leaders and managers who are increasingly required to share information, deliver action plans and initiatives and communicate new strategies and concepts
  • Senior managers and directors who need to refresh the approach and skills and to compete with colleagues and impress the senior team

What Will You Gain From The Course?

  • A new and growing confidence to deliver impactful presentations
  • Learn key presentation skills
  • Learn how to overcome nerves and to use the nerves to improve your presentations
  • An ability to build rapport and empathy with the audience and get them on your side
  • How to deal with and overcome the negative effects of being nervous
  • How to manage the space around you and use effective body language
  • Advance communication skills to adapt to different listening and learning styles
  • How to handle questions from the floor and to manage the flow of communication, interaction, participation and control of the room
  • How to use your voice, how to project it and protect it
  • How to make a great impression and be remembered for the right reasons
  • Learn how to use the technology and cut the waffle!


An Example Of A Presentation Skills Training Course

Below is an example of a Presentation Skills Course that we designed and delivered in the past 6 months:

This was a 2 day in-company course designed to develop presentation, communication and public speaking skills.

Delegates were required to prepare a short presentation prior to attending the course and an outline of another, these were delivered on several occasions resulting in the “finished article” on day 2!

Delegates were videoed and kept their tapes of the “before” and “after” presentations!


Course Outline



Meets & Greets!
Course Objectives
Warm Up Exercise

The Presentations!

Delegates deliver their prepared presentation number 1
Evaluate strengths and weaknesses

The Art Of Presenting

It’s a difficult job “but someone’s gotta do it!”
Presentation basics
Presentation Content and Presenter Behaviour

Structuring Your Presentation

Define your presentation objectives
Generate ideas for creative delivery

Create A Powerful Start & Finish

Visual Aids
Body of the talk
The Presentation

The Power Of Body Language & Voice

Importance of body language and your voice projections
Body language exercise
The 4 P’s of the Voice

Review Of Day 1 & Preparation For Day 2

Introduction to the presentation appraisal sheet



Review of Day 1
Key learning points

The 2nd Presentations!

Delivery of 2nd presentation
Evaluate strengths and weaknesses using appraisal sheet
Key learning points

Using Effective Questioning & Answering Techniques

Responding to questions
Dealing with resistant views
Using influencing language

Effective Communications

What makes up an effective communication?
The golden rules for effective communication

Internal Representational Systems

What is a representational system?
How people represent what you say into their own language
Techniques and strategies to communicate effectively with people with different systems

Action Planning & Putting Into Practice


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