Benefits Of Using Company Holidays As Rewards

November 20, 2014

RelaxOne of the best ways to retain employees and to keep high staff morale is to reward employees. While it is not always possible for managers to offer large bonuses or salary raises, there are other rewards that have been found to be very appreciated by individuals. One of such rewards is a company vacation. Read below to find the benefits of offering your staff paid company holidays.

Better Employee Relations – Day in and day out, your employees interact with their colleagues in the office setting. Each working day is usually laden with the stress of meeting deadlines, exceeding sales quotas and working with others. Therefore, offering your underlings a paid company holiday would provide them with a time and place to relax, and spend leisurely time outside of the office with their co-workers. This will surely improve employee relations, as individuals and their families get to know more about each other, and bond while having fun together. Those newfound friendships will carry over to the office, benefiting the office culture with more collaboration and improved workflow.

Similar Time Off – Managers often struggle to manage workflow when one of their staff members takes a holiday. Other employees don’t usually want to take on the extra work, and the whole team may struggle to keep up. This is why offering a paid company vacation is such a big benefit, as it allows all the employees of one company to take the holiday at the same time. Therefore, the firm can simply close for that week, or hire temporary workers to fill their place.

Better Employee Retention – Many working individuals simply cannot afford to take a holiday. As a result, they don’t use their vacation days, working throughout the year. When a supervisor offers to take that employee and his or her family on an all-paid company vacation that can be that person’s only shot at a holiday. Many organizations who have offered these benefits have seen much more employee retention as a result. Even if that firm cannot afford to pay the highest salary, knowing that they will be offered a paid holiday will entice many employees to stay put and not look for a new job.

Although taking an entire staff force on a holiday can cost quite a lot, many companies that have done so have found huge benefits both to the firm and to the employees. If budget simply doesn’t allow for this to be done, perhaps management can pick the top ten most deserving employees each year to take on a holiday.

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