World Cup 2014 – Is Your Office Ready?

May 15, 2014

Not everybody is a football fan, but there is one time four years where communities and countries come together for the World Cup. For four weeks the magic of the World Cup brings people together – which is an ideal opportunity for team building within the office.

So what kind of things can you do before and during the World Cup to bring the office together?

With exactly four weeks to go until the big kick off – here are a few ideas that can be put into place.

Decorate the office – there is nothing wrong with a bit of decoration during the World Cup. Maybe a few flags and some bunting accompanied with wall charts will get people into the right spirits.

World Cup Sweepstake – something that will get everybody involved is the classic sweepstake. Put all the names in the hat with a financial prize and it is a guaranteed conversation starter between people in and around the office.

The “Fools Panel” – This is the next level up from a sweepstake. Set up a sheet where each person has to predict the correct score line for each game and you get certain points for the correct outcome. Once again, with it being progressive over at least the group stages it encourages conversation between members of staff who would not usually communicate.

Themed days – The World Cup is the ideal time to embrace different cultures – this could be a great opportunity for themed days, such as dress down days or trying different cuisines from around the world at lunch times.

England Match Days – Whether you’re the average armchair fan or a football nut – everybody gets the same buzz for an England match day. With one of the matches kicking off at five o clock, this is the perfect opportunity to build morale. Watch the game together either in or out of the office. Have a dress down day to celebrate a match day – there are many benefits to be gained from the togetherness the World Cup brings.

Sticker Books – The child in me still loves the World Cup sticker book – a bit of friendly competition in the office for who can have the largest collection is a bit of fun and can lead to communication between others through swapping duplicates. Also if you know of anyone collecting them -as a manager you could buy packs as a small fringe benefit.

We are massively excited about the World Cup in the MTD office. So with exactly a month to go you have more than enough time to have a think about how you can use the opportunity of the World Cup to raise spirits in your workplace, I would love to hear any ideas that you have!

Many Thanks

Ben Lyons

Training Administrator at MTD Training

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