Stressed? How Remaining Mindful Makes Managing Easier

August 20, 2015

More than ever, our jobs are overbearing and stressful. Meeting deadlines, cultivating relationships with staff members, establishing good rapport with the boss, and other related challenges can cause overwhelming anxiety.

However, a rather new movement is being spearheaded around the world, called mindfulness. While this was practiced by individuals in personal life, it is being applied more and more to professional life to help deal with the stresses of the working world. Mindfulness basically means being aware of the things around us. Here are some tips to remain mindful at work.

Focus On The Here And Now – With multiple deadlines and rotating schedules, it can get very difficult not to always think ahead. From the minute we walk into the office, most of us check our calendars or bulletin boards to see what’s due when, and how fast the projects need to get finished. However, it is vital to focus on the present, and evaluate the here and now to create a healthy balance. When we worry about future deadlines nonstop, we often overlook important details and end up making careless mistakes. We need to observe our team, the projects we are working on, etc., to notice important details that we would have ignored in the hustle and bustle of working life.

Eliminate Distractions – Managers are often overburdened by multi-tasking; they are answering their phones during meetings, and checking emails while at a business lunch, which causes constant havoc. Instead, to be mindful, try to eliminate distractions and fine tune your attention to the task at hand. Doing so will not only help to focus more, but will also open up your creative channels to possible innovation and problem solving that isn’t available when attention is spread thin.

Embrace Uncertainty – Most supervisors shudder at uncertainty, and like to have everything planned and fitting into the status-quo. However, these sort of leaders are not mindful, as they don’t open up their minds to the benefits of not knowing what may happen next. When you tell yourself that you can’t control everything and everyone, you allow yourself the slack to relax and stop micromanaging. This, in turn, will empower your employees to be more efficient and responsible, as they will be thankful for the new power you have besotted them with.

Mindful leaders tend to be more creative, relaxed and liked by their staff. Try these three tips to change your management style today.

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Gavin Muge

Senior Trainer & Consultant

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