How Important Is Project Management As A Skill For Managers?

March 3, 2016

One of the most important skills that leaders should possess is project management.

With numerous tasks that must be done at one time, they need to have the ability to delegate, follow up, and manage projects, lest a mistake happens.

In order to do this, it is important to understand what project quality management is.

Project Quality Management focuses on not just getting the job done, but on creating “quality” products and/or services to meet client demand.

Another way to describe quality, is fit-for-use, or fit-for-purpose.

At the forefront of every boss’s mind should be the image of the customer who will be paying for the products created in the office.

This is an assurance process to make sure that all goods or services are properly done without errors.

According to, all project managers must focus on three skills to ensure their products are fit-for-use:

Customer Satisfaction

An important thought to keep in mind is that in business the customer is always right.

Therefore, what many managers need to understand is that while the actual product may have been done properly and met all the standards, a customer may still reject it.

In this scenario, the supervisor will need to make a choice of pleasing the client, or insisting on the truch.

This is where customer satisfaction comes into play; while the company may save money on the individual product by refusing to refund the money the client paid, they can lose a long-term client instead.

Cost Of Quality

This refers to costs that are associated with preventing issues during the manufacturing process, as well as fixing errors after the item has been made, which is always more expensive.

Prior to or during the making of the project, managers can spend money on training, testing, inspections and proper equipment, while after completion, the funds can be spent on fixing mistakes, or simply discarding the items completely.

Continuous Improvement

This strategy is imperative in any business; its first focus is on learning from past mistakes.

If a line of toys was made with fading colors, the manufacturing process must be updated to prevent this error from happening again.

As well, managers should focus on the future, and constantly strive to update skills, software, equipment, etc., to stay ahead of the times.

By offering the most innovative products and services, the organisation can not only keep existing clients, but attract new ones.

Project managers must master Project Quality Management in order to output products and services that are fit-for-use.

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