Has Advertising Gone Too Far?

December 17, 2013

Did you see that Spanish football giant Barcelona has signed a deal with Intel to allow the chipmaker’s logo to appear on the inside of players’ shirts! The Intel logo would be revealed when players lift their shirts to celebrate scoring a goal. However some star players including Lionel Messi, Neymar and Andres Iniesta, would not have to wear the “Intel Inside” logo according to the club.

Forbes magazine has reported that Intel paid £15m for this advertising privilege. Chief marketing officer at Intel, Deborah Conrad, said she chose Barcelona as it had an active social media community and hundreds of millions of fans globally. She said: “We did not want to put the players under any obligation to show the logo a specific number of times but we do know that such goal celebrations are a big part of the culture of the sport.”

I ask you whatever next? A few weeks ago we blogged about Tesco launching face recognition software that would scan the faces of people waiting in their petrol station queues and then play appropriate adverts on the display in front of them. On the internet we already get ‘appropriate’ adverts flashed up according to previous site visits via cookies! It is either highly clever or highly manipulative depending on your personal viewpoint.

In a scientific study a bunch of researchers played classical music from different countries in the wine aisle. In every case the sales of wine for that country increased on the days their music was being played, this was despite the fact that on exit 99% of purchases said they were not even aware that music was actually being played!

Our Motorway’s pass through some beautiful scenery but this is becoming ever more blighted by lorry trailers parked in fields as mobile billboards. In my home town yesterday I saw a dozen people walking around the major roads leading in wearing giant Domino’s Pizza boxes! I see a point in the future where Apple will sponsor apples in your local supermarket, let’s just hope they don’t take a bite out of each one!

It is difficult to know where it will all end but the pace of growth in social media is incredible. What I do know is that Twitter is worth so much money (even though it hasn’t made a profit in its 7 year existence) due to its global advertising potential.

At Management Training & Development we use social media marketing a lot, but rather than blatantly tout for business, we seek to give in order to get back. We hope to inspire, motivate and educate so that people want to learn more. If they choose to do that with us that is fantastic and many do.

I hope you have enjoyed our blogs this year and thank you so much for reading and sharing them.

Many thanks

Stuart Allen

Trainer & Consultant at MTD Training


(Image by Stuart Miles at FreeDigitialPhotos.net)

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