3 Quick Tips On Effectively Managing Your Sales Team

May 19, 2016

Your sales force, the people who are responsible for selling the services or items your company offers, are the driving force behind your entire business.

If they don’t do their job properly, the company will not meet its sales goals.

It is up to the boss to hire the right people, and then manage them in a way to increase sales. In this article, we will provide strategies to effectively manage your sales team.


When setting up your sales team, you need to consider how you will organise the employees.

If you are just starting out, and hiring just one or two people, there is not much to think about.

However, if you are quickly expanding, you need to consider this vital tactic to meet sales demands.

You can organise your sales force by product or service, meaning training each or a group of individuals with specific knowledge.

For example, if you sell marketing services, you can train one salesperson to be an expert in Google optimisation, another in social media promotion, and yet another in content management.

Another organisation strategy is to arrange your sales team geographically.

One person would be responsible for a particular area, neighborhood, city, state or even country.

If you sell on a global scale, having salespeople that speak a certain language will help with selling in a particular country.


Setting up a salesforce requires careful consideration about how you will pay them.

Some employees are on a regular salary, which entitles them to a set amount every month.

Others are hourly employees, who are paid based on the amount of time they work.

However, the majority of sales positions have some sort of commission pre-determined in their pay.

Whether they are commission-only, or are paid a regular salary plus commission, this can be an advantageous tactic to encourage your team to sell more.


It is important to remember that salespeople need to be experts in two fields – sales and whatever industry your company fits in.

First, to be able to convince the clients to spend money on what you are offering, your employees need to know every single detail about the product or service.

They need to use it for themselves, troubleshoot issues, know your return or refund policies, and be able to offer usage advice.

Second, they need to be experts in actually selling what you have to offer.

Employers should concentrate on providing consistent and updated training in both fields.

Don’t focus on simply meeting, but exceeding your sales goals.

Use these three tips to set up a killer sales force.

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