4 Ways You Can Instil Team Values With Your Staff

December 14, 2017

Values are important in both our personal and professional lives. It’s imperative for company owners and senior management to work together to develop specific values for an organisation.

Values not only shape the corporate culture, but provide a type of blueprint that employees must follow to represent their company.

How do you actually instil team values with your staff?

With these tips:

Remind Your Employees About Values Daily

When a team member has acted against a company value, the first excuse they provide is that they weren’t aware that it ever existed.

It is up to the manager to make sure no employee can provide this reason ever again!

Make sure that your staff is reminded on the daily about your team values by making them prominent all over the organisation.

Pass out a booklet that contains your values and ask your employees to sign a document stating that they have received the booklet and read it.

Put up the values on your company website and consider making large posters to hang around the office so that your employees can see them daily.

Discuss The Values On A Regular Basis

In addition to seeing the values in print, make sure to discuss them on a regular basis to make sure that everyone truly understand them and the reasons you created them in the first place.

You can ask your employees to be honest, transparent, ethical and hardworking, but actually discussing what those values mean to you and to them will make certain that the entire team is on the same page!

Include Values In Your Hiring Decisions

Keep values at the forefront of your mind when hiring new candidates to make sure you are bringing in individuals that would fit your company culture.

Having a discussion with potential employees about their personal values can help you understand if they are in line with company ones.

For example, if your organisation values teamwork, a person that is extremely competitive may not be the best fit..

You can take the recruitment process a step further and develop questionnaires or surveys that will bring to light the person’s values.

Using a scientific approach can be advantageous to truly understanding the person’s character before hiring them.

Recognise Employee Efforts On Upholding Values

If you want to truly promote company values and encourage all of your employees to include them in their daily responsibilities and decisions, let your team know that you are watching their actions and appreciate their efforts!

Take the time to recognise those team members who went above and beyond to uphold corporate values.

You may mention that person in your weekly meeting, send out an email or create an annual awards ceremony where you honor excellent employees who truly care about the company’s values.

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