3 Quick Tips On Building Your Influence In The Office

May 26, 2016

Do you notice that your boss always refers to a particular group of employees when needing to make a high-level decision?

Does your own team truly follow your directions on a project, or do you find them implementing changes without discussing them with you?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, you need to increase your influence at the workplace.

Whether you are dealing with your own manager, or with employees who report to you, you need to be respected and seen as an authority figure to become more influential.

Start building your importance at the office with these tips:

Build Personal Relationships

Much of the time, it’s who you know that determines your status at work.

The first step to becoming more influential is to determine who the important players are in your office.

This may not be as simple as it seems; while you may consider the top executives to be the decision makers, lower level employees may have significant swaying power.

Figure out who holds that power in your office, and try to build a relationship with those individuals.

You can then start to contribute your own opinions on certain things, using these people as your earpiece for the real decision makers.

Furthermore, when a higher position opens up, these same colleagues can recommend you for a promotion since you have build a connection with them.

Make Your Voice Heard

Sometimes, all you need to increase your influence at work is to make your voice heard.

You may have great ideas, and feel as if they are never being implicated, but do you ever make your ideas heard by the right people?

Once you make connections with the powerful colleagues in your firm, start voicing your opinions to sway change in the office.

Earn It

While taking proactive steps to becoming more influential at work is advantageous, you also need to be realistic and patient about that process.

It is important to realise that the true power players in your firm may have worked there for years, and have had time to prove themselves to your boss and the rest of the team.

You should focus on being the best at your job, staying on top of innovation, not being afraid of diversity, and challenging yourself daily.

Once you have a proven track record of success, you will likely see that your influence will rise accordingly.

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