Why You Shouldn’t Ignore The Candidate You Don’t Hire

April 14, 2016

Searching for a new candidate to join your firm can be overwhelming.

After placing a job advert, you may feel bombarded with hundreds, if not thousands, applications.

Just sorting through the endless emails may be a job on its own, but taking weeks or months to interview potential employees is even more time-consuming.

Employers are thrilled when they are finally able to secure a worthy candidate, but many of them make a big mistake during the recruitment process.

After hiring a new employee, they either forget, or simply choose not to devote the time to alert the candidates they did not hire.

It is important not to ignore individuals who applied to your company for several reasons outlined in this article.

Typically, managers choose from a pool of applicants for an open position.

While weeding out the applications that don’t have enough experience or qualifications, employers narrow the search down to a group of potential candidates.

After interviewing the individuals, a choice is finally made.

A step that often goes missing is to notify the other applicants that they were not hired for the position.

This can be a mistake because managers do not know if the person they hired is going to work out, or whether there will be a need to fill a similar position in the near future.

Perhaps in a few months you will need to hire additional staff, and you will reconsider the individuals you recently interviewed for the newly-created position.

However, if you didn’t reach  out to the other candidates to let them know the position has been filled in the first place, you may have made them them feel ignored and insulted.

Due to that, you may burnt bridges with qualified individuals that could have made a great addition to your team.

Furthermore, you should not ignore candidates that apply to work at your firm because you never know if your paths will ever cross down the line.

While you may currently have a more senior role, it is possible that the person you rejected for the job can quickly climb the corporate ladder and may interview you for a position someday.

Even if there is a small chance of that happening, you may run into this individual at industry-related events, have them become a client, etc.

To make sure you don’t leave anyone with a grudge in the wake of interviews, take the time to respond to everyone you considered, thank them for their interest, let them know you will keep their resume on file, but do state that the position has been filled.

Above all else, that is the right thing to do!

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