Trust Is A Must In The Workplace

May 8, 2014

Whether you are with your friends, work colleagues or wife or husband, it is safe to say that most of these relationships work on trust.

Trust in every relationship, whether between best friends, a company with their client or a manager with their employee is absolutely crucial and, if broken, is pretty much unrepairable.

Trust in the workplace is absolutely essential. You spend most of your waking hours in the week with the people that you work with. You may not get on with them at a personal level; you may not be tempted to pop out for a pint once five o’clock passes but trust has to be present during these working hours.

As a manager, it is vital to build a culture within the workplace that involves trusting each other.

Setting a team goal instead of individual targets gives everyone the sense of involvement within the team. This builds a sense of teamwork and can build trust if everyone is participating in working towards the team target.

Trust between a manager and their staff can be built by treating everybody equally – I accept that most teams do have their strong and weak members, but by treating everybody equally it eliminates the development of strong egos and can diminish the possibility of lowering certain member’s self-esteem.

As a manager you have to constantly act with integrity – being reckless with how you work can give the scent of you being reckless with relationships.

If you as a manager makes a mistake and were to blame it on your team then that bridge will always be burnt – don’t constantly make scape goats of your staff and eliminate the finger-pointing culture that plagues many work places.

It is difficult to build trust and it is not something that can be developed overnight.

Being constantly open minded and embracing the ideas of your team and putting them into practice shows that you can trust your team to make key decisions that will affect the business. Being constantly closed minded and taking a perpetual autocratic approach will cut off the two way communication that good, solid trust requires.

Constantly keep your promises and always tell the truth regardless of the circumstances and this will be reciprocated by your staff.

Couples who don’t trust each other divorce; friends who no longer trust each other go their separate ways – make sure that you don’t lose members of your staff because they no longer trust you.

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