Should You Consider A Corporate Retreat For Your Staff?

October 26, 2015

While not all companies can offer corporate retreats to their employees, those that can offer great benefits to their staff.

Many individuals in the UK don’t take vacations because they can’t find the time or funds for a holiday, but a corporate retreat provides a great opportunity to relax and unwind from the daily stresses of work and life.

In addition, corporate retreats offer benefits to the organisation because they lead to happier, less stressed staff members that will be less likely to switch jobs as this is a great perk that isn’t offered in every company.

Although any paid holiday is worthwhile to take for the employees, there are tips to make the corporate retreats even better than any previous years with these tips.

Keep It Productive

Certainly, most employees look at a corporate retreat as a free holiday and time off work. However, you should keep your business needs in mind even when planning this vacation. While you shouldn’t make the staff work on their time off, do incorporate team building and planning for the future into the agenda. Retreats are a great way to help employees who don’t know each other meet and connect, and those that do not to get to know each other even better. Conduct team building activities to promote communication and the building of trust during the holiday. Also, set up a few informal meetings to get feedback from your employees about current company policies and suggestions for improvement.

Keep It Fun

The worst thing that can happen on a retreat is that employees are brought together and then are under stimulated and bored to death. Therefore, you need to plan ahead and set up activities that will keep your staff busy and entertained throughout the time. If you have taken your team to a new location, set up some tours so they can get to know the area. A great tip is to work with the resort you will be staying in to create a unique event for your department, such as a special dinner or lunch with music or other forms of entertainment.

Have A Backup Plan

There are so many stories of corporate retreats gone wrong that it’s imperative for managers to have backup plans. Numerous situations can arise when going on a trip; for example, it can rain the entire time, or a plane trip can be postponed, forcing employees to stay trapped in their hotels. Bring extra materials to keep staff engaged in any circumstances, such as board games, iPads, etc.

Corporate retreats are fantastic ways to unite staff members without the pressure of the office.

However, they do require planning to make sure they are not a complete waste of time – follow the tips above to plan the best corporate retreat your company has ever seen.

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