Is This Job Move Right For Your Career?

February 10, 2015

Business man looking at big bright opened doorSwitching jobs can be a anxious-ridden experience. You are likely comfortable at your current position, having gotten to know your colleagues and being familiar with the workload and expectations. Giving that up to move to another company opens up a pandora’s box with many unknowns. However, never taking the chance to get a better position or a more challenging role means you are likely not to grow in your career. Here are top five questions to ask yourself to determine if you are ready to move on from your job.

Is there potential growth? – One huge determinant of whether your job is a good fit for you is to figure out if there is a chance for potential growth. You may be a manager now, but can you grow to become a director, or even a vice president of your department or the entire organisation? If you have been at your firm for a few years or more, it is advisable to speak to your immediate boss about your perspectives. Let your superior know that you would like to climb up the corporate ladder if not today, than in the foreseeable future. The answer to your question will be a deciding point on whether you need to look for something else or not.

Are you challenged? As intelligent people, it is beneficial for us to be periodically challenged and forced to learn something new. While usual day-to-day activities may be repetitive, you need to consider if you are at all exposed to new experiences. If you find yourself bored at your post, you may consider looking for something more stimulating.

Are you constantly stressed? The opposite of being bored on the job, some companies keep managers ridden with anxiety. Stress becomes part of the office culture as the job load is simply too much too handle. Consider what stress can do to your health; it can lead to high blood pressure and possible serious complications due to that. If you experience this at your position day in and day out, consider finding another firm to work for where the environment will be more calm.

Do you believe in your company? While some individuals thrive on working for companies that give back to the community, others just want to feel like their firm’s values match with their own. If you believe that your ethics simply don’t correspond with those of the business’s founders any longer, or you see immoral or unfair treatment happening, you may consider switching positions.

While making the decision to leave your job and look for something else cannot be taken lightly, finding a new position that offers advancement or simply more creative and challenging work can make a dramatic difference on your personal and professional life.

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