How To Regain Authority In An Out Of Control Office

April 9, 2015

Authority bossSome managers realise that they have lost control in their office, and feel like it’s too late to change that.

However, it is always possible to regain control and establish authority in your organisation.

Whether you have lost your power because you were too busy with your own workload to stay on top of your staff, or you have simply bent over backwards to create a democratic workplace, when you notice that things are starting to go awry, it’s time to step up and become a true leader once again.

No matter how much freedom you’d like to provide your employees, they still need to recognise you as their manager and provide you with respect.

If that is not the case in your department, utilise the steps below to regain your control.

Find Your Voice – The easiest way to reestablish your power in the office is to find your voice and use it. Start by gathering with your team, and being upfront with them about your concerns for the lack of deference to your managerial role. Tell your employees that although you respect their skills and knowledge, you will step back into the leadership role and expect them to accept it. After making this announcement, it’s vital that you follow through with it. That means speaking up when your team doesn’t do something to your satisfaction, providing direction and feedback.

Establish Boundaries – Certain supervisors feel they have no influence in their department because  they never established boundaries on what is or isn’t acceptable at the workplace. These managers often find their staff coming in dressed inappropriately, arriving to work late, or not working productively. However, because the manager had never set up and informed the staff of boundaries, no rules were ever set in place. Spoken and written rules are essential to keeping control of your department.

Enforce Rules – You can speak up about your plans for the department and establish boundaries; however, the key to regaining control is to enforce them. While being the “bad guy” is hard for many individuals, it often comes with the job of a manager. Employees need to know that their boss means business, otherwise they will just ignore all the set rules and continue to do what they want. Whether you have to reprimand the staff that doesn’t follow your vision with written warnings, demotions, or even termination of employment, that is often necessary to show your team members that you mean business.

Whether you want to be a boss that your staff admires, or want to empower your employees with freedom over their work, you still need to show your leadership role at the workplace. A good manager can determine a fine balance between letting team members have enough freedom at work, while still maintaining control and garnering respect.

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