How Creating Core Values Can Benefit You & Your Team

May 29, 2014

Having core values and beliefs is becoming a more popular way to operate than being unethical and irresponsible.

Corporate Social Responsbility (or CSR) is becoming more and more popular in more and more industries – whether it be working with charities or watching your carbon footprint as a business.

So how do you make your workforce more responsible and work more ethically? Instil core values and beliefs that reflect the business’ aims and objectives.

So how do you create these core values for your team?

Firstly you will have to discover your own personal values. What quality beliefs and values do you have which can be used and reflected on your team at work?

Communicate with your team as to what values they have – do this individually on a one on one basis to discover more about what they believe in and how this can change your workforce’s ethos.

Discuss then with the management team and staff that are higher up on the hierarchy to gather and collect their core values and beliefs.

Once this is done – take some time to reflect on the information you have gathered and received. Draw up some company values from all this information you have gathered. It will motivate staff to see that some of their values they have shared with you are now shared by the company.

However the one disadvantage of this process is that you cannot please everybody – it is important to try and persuade some people who have slightly different values and beliefs to yours and the company’s way of thinking.

It is one thing to create these core values – but now they have to be implemented.

Perhaps draw up a new code of conduct which reflects these core values. Building a set of rules and guidelines that are ethical and responsible can not only improve your employees at work, but as people as well.

Integrate these core values into business practices – when reviewing peoples progress and during appraisals, monitor whether they are sticking to the core values of the company.

Make it part of the job specification when employing new staff – by employing people who have displayed evidence of having the company’s core values and beliefs – it will consequently be easier to integrate them into the workforce.

Corporate Social Responsibility is becoming more and more popular – create a set of core values and beliefs will not only be beneficial for you and your team; but for the business as a whole.

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