Go Green With These 3 Eco-Friendly Business Ideas…

May 11, 2017

The growing worldwide concern for the state of our rainforests, air and water quality and the overall environment has led many customers to choose the companies they patronise based on how environmentally-friendly they are.

Smart business owners have caught onto this trend — whether you want to go green to appease your clients or for personal beliefs, these are the eco-friendly business ideas you should consider incorporating into your operations!

Giving Back

One of the easiest to implement initiatives to spearhead as part of your philanthropic efforts is to give back to a cause.

Many companies have chosen to do this in various ways; for example, TOMS shoes donates a pair of shoes for every pair sold to help an individual in need; Pura Vida Bracelet employs artisans in Costa Rica with full time jobs, while also donating 1% of annual revenues to environmental causes and charities; while watch company We Wood plants a tree for every watch they sell.

When you align your business goals with philanthropic efforts, you spread the messenger to your customers that you care about your community and the society as a whole, improving your brand imagine and raising revenue.

Eco-Friendly Retail

Another great strategy is to focus on eco-friendly retail, which means selling eco-friendly products, such as those that are recycled, made from sustainable materials or are grown through fair trade agreements that don’t exploit workers in third world countries.

A source also recommends empowering the customers to feel proud that they are making a difference by creating a green customer rewards programme where shoppers earn points for every pound spend.

They then have the option to redeem those points to help local shelters, organisations and community groups.

Teach About Green Living

To connect with your clients and establish yourself as an expert on green living, why not teach the public about ways to live a more eco-friendly life?

Consider creating an app, website or starting a blog with tips on recycling, buying sustainable materials, purchasing environmentally-friendly appliances for the home and reducing the carbon footprint by driving less and instead cycling, taking public transportation or ride sharing?

When you take the time to educate your customers, they will trust you as an expert in the green space, and will rely on your expertise to curate to them what is eco-friendly and useful to them for their needs.

This strategy will help you promote brand loyalty and increase sales.

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