“Can I See Your Teacher Licence Please Sir?”

January 14, 2014

As someone that earns a living by educating people, I am passionate about standards in the profession. I am also a teacher of Apprenticeships and see at first hand the skill and ability of some of our school leavers. To say I am shocked with the poor knowledge and attitude of some of them is an understatement, horrified would be a better word.

This weekend shadow education secretary Tristram Hunt has announced that under a new Labour government, teachers would have to be licensed every few years in order to work in England’s state schools. He said “regular re-licensing of teachers would allow the worst ones to be sacked whilst helping others to receive more training and development.”

I’m all for developing the quality of our state education as the knock on effect to business would be fantastic. I’m not sure that an ‘MOT’ for teachers is the right way forward. I am however, absolutely sure that every teacher already has regular reviews with their line manager and a fully documented Personal Development Plan.

I have no formal education as a teacher, I didn’t even study to A level standard. Instead I embarked on a career at 17 and have NEVER been unemployed. I have had periods when faced with unemployment have started my own businesses. Some have been successful and others less so. Does this make me a poor educator?

I have never had a single trainee question my knowledge or experience in the classroom. I have respect because the theory I talk about is something I have direct experience of using in real life.

So many of our classrooms are full of teachers that have been taught to do just that, teach. They have no business experience as they went straight from school to university and then back to school.

Apart from this it is the school curriculum that is wrong with children spending far too much time adsorbing facts without understanding the reason why? Not enough time is given over to social or business skills. My father taught me real life skills, such as a good work ethic, good time keeping and good communication skills. He taught me the real value of things and how to influence other people, how to sell and how to make a profit.

Of course the irony here is that the majority of politicians went straight from school to university to political interns and then to parliament. Is it no wonder then that they are in no fit state to mend our education system and can only meddle with things they don’t understand?

Be assured that at MTD our training team are highly experience business people and not just academics. We back up theory with recent and relevant experience to bring the subject of leadership and management alive.

Many thanks

Stuart Allen

Trainer & Consultant at MTD Training


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