3 Ways To Stop Yourself Slacking When Working From Home

April 22, 2015

Working from homeThere are more than four million people working from home in the United Kingdom, according to a 2014 article from The Telegraph.

Every day, more and more companies are offering their employees the chance to work remotely.

People in various industries, such as writing, engineering, translating, designing, etc., are taking their work to their homes instead of coming into the office every day.

However, without the constraints of an office door, and the knowledge that your boss is just around the corner, many individuals feel unmotivated to work at home.

Being distracted by television, Internet and family members, disrupts work time for those that have no such worries at the office. However, there are tips you can use to promote your productivity while working at home.

Set a Schedule – Most working individuals have set schedules when they come into and leave the office. However, when working from home, it’s easy enough to tell yourself that you’ll start working after 30 more minutes of sleep, after the TV show end, or after the kids go off to school. An easy solution to this is to create and stick to a working schedule at home. While this doesn’t need to be as strict as if you were at the office, allowing yourself time off to get a snack or run an errand, sticking to a schedule will help you get your work done in the allotted time.

Prioritise – It can be overwhelming to keep up with all you have to do while being at home. Not only do you need to finish work, but personal errands will certainly come up. You may need to pay some bills, or plan a holiday, which can interfere with your professional obligations. Therefore, it is essential to prioritise to get the most pressing work and personal items crossed off the list. A great tactic is to purchase bins, and mark them as “Urgent,” “Regular,” and “Misc.” Then, load all documents and tasks appropriately in each bin. Or, create a running online list of items to do, and update it with the most pressing items on top.

Interact with People – Although this may seem counterproductive to getting work done, it’s very important to interact with people when working from home. At the office, you are around other colleagues every single day, forcing you to communicate with them during lunch or breaks. At home, it’s easy to get lonely and crave to be around people. Take a lunch break at a local restaurant, or run down for some coffee, just to get a quick break. Being alone all day can lead to depression and loneliness, which will definitely interfere with your workflow. Also, remember to schedule meetings with your colleagues or bosses as it’s important to maintain professional relationships even when you’re primarily working from home.

Although working from home allows individuals more flexibility and free time with family, it can often be difficult to remain productive. However, utilising the three suggestions above will help you stay efficient and get your work done.

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