3 Ways To Motivate Yourself To Rise Up The Corporate Ladder

May 25, 2015

Most people start their careers with certain aspirations.

Whether they crave money, power, or simply want to practice their craft, they have a long-term plan that they try to accomplish. However, down the line, plans can derail, and not all individuals find themselves where they want to be.

Whether they have just gotten lazy, or simply too tired to try to advance in their careers, there are a multitude of reasons and excuses that prevent people from following their dreams.

However, if you are in an entry-level job, or are a seasoned employee, it is never too late to advance in your career.

Below are tips to motivate you to rise up the corporate ladder.

Have A Plan – The most important piece of advice as you climb the stairway to success is to have a plan with a course of action. It is a good idea to create a short term, or annual plan, as well as a long term, or five-year plan.

The annual plan should include actions that you plan to take in the next twelve months to improve your career. These can be milestones to be accomplished at work to show your expertise, developmental courses you plan to take, or job searches you plan to conduct. The long-term plan should have a blueprint for steps to be taken to get you to the next level in your career.

These should include promotions or new jobs, as well as completing additional levels of education, certifications, etc. It is important to review and edit these plans as some steps may be missed, or job desires may change. 

Pick A Mentor – Although you should be responsible for your own success, ask for help on your way up. Pick a mentor that works in the field you crave to be in, or holds a position you desire. Approach that individual and ask him or her to be your mentor.

Whether that person works in your organisation, or not, you can meet with the mentor in person or communicate via phone or email to get career tips and advancement advice. If nothing else, this mentor will be a motivation to you of a person who has made it, keeping you in line with your vision.

Create A Vision Board – Although this may seem silly to some, a vision board may play a big role in helping you picture your dream. By drawing, cutting out of magazines, or simply printing images from online, you can create a vision of where you ultimately want to be career wise. By placing the board in your cubicle or office, or inside your house, these photos and pictures will be able to motivate you to work hard and make your dreams a reality.

Don’t give up on your professional dreams, no matter how far off they may seem. Use the tips above to stay motivated and on track to success.

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Gavin Muge

Senior Trainer & Consultant

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