3 Quick Ways To Make Your Management CV Stand Out

March 5, 2015

Businessman walking on TightropeIf you have decided that it is time to move on from your present management position and find something more in line with your professional goals, you need to prepare your CV to be distributed to potential employees.

Most recruiters or human resource managers get hundreds of applications; therefore, no matter how impressive your expertise is, your CV can simply go overlooked if it doesn’t grab the attention of the individual who is reviewing it.

Forbes explains that most hiring managers spend a total of 2.5 seconds reviewing your CV before they choose to interview you or toss the document into the no pile. Here are some tips to make your CV stand out.

Choose A Creative Layout – Application reviewers sort through a multitude of CVs, which is why it is a smart strategy to make yours stand out. Deviate from the same old, boring black-and-white format and come up with a creative, yet still professional one. Consider adding colorful text, a unique border or images to spice up your CV, especially if you are going for a creative position.

Make It Easy To Read – While you need to provide relevant information about your experience, don’t turn your CV into a three or four page document, trying to cram everything in. Remember that in addition, you will turn in a covering letter where you should add details about each position. Make your CV easy to read and follow along by including only the most important and impressive details. Make clear sections for each position, and categorise them by section headings, such as the name of the organisation, and the time of employment. Use bullet points to break up the information so that it doesn’t crowd in long paragraphs.

Include Custom Sections – Depending on the type of industry you are in, include a custom section to showcase your experience. For example, if you are a writer, create a section called “Published Work” and list all of your materials that have been published. If you have won awards for your researching skills, make a section titled “Awards.” Focus on grabbing the hiring manager’s attention to your best accomplishments.

A CV is usually the first look a prospective employer has into your expertise and knowledge. This document typically leads to a decision whether you are a good fit for the company, or not. Therefore, take the time to proofread and make sure all the spelling and grammar in the CV is correct. Furthermore, add some unique and creative touches to help it get noticed.

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