Management Styles

1/2 Day Workshop

How can a manager’s style create a positive impact on performance, productivity and profits?

Research indicates that by using the most effective style for a particular situation or climate, a manager can improve employee morale and performance.

Based on work begun at Harvard University by psychologists Litwin and Stringer, they identified six managerial styles:

  • Coercive: emphasis on immediate compliance from employees
  • Authoritative: emphasis on providing long term vision and leadership
  • Affiliative: emphasis on creating harmony
  • Democratic: emphasis on group consensus and generating new ideas
  • Pacesetting: emphasis on accomplishing tasks to high standards
  • Coaching: emphasis on professional growth of employees

Managers can and do draw on the six managerial styles in their day-to-day interactions.

This questionnaire identifies which style or styles a manager relies on most and when those styles are most and least effective.

Since a manager’s behavior directly impacts employee motivation, it is essential that the manager understands the relationship between his/her style and the work environment.

The MSQ is especially effective when used in organizational improvement programs, management development and coaching workshops, and Train the Trainer programs.

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