Management Courses

Management Training Courses


We offer a range of different management training solutions depending on what your requirements are.

If you are looking for a management course just for yourself or for a member of your organisation then please click here for the open courses that we offer. These management courses are run throughout different locations across the UK.

If you have a number of managers with the same requirements and are looking for in-house management training then please click here. We can bespoke the content and deliver exactly what you need.

Or if you are looking for an on-going management development programme please click here. We have delivered MDP’s for the likes of Waitrose, Xerox, Allianz, Enfield Council, Friends Provident and scores of other companies.


Key Management Skills

Here are some of the areas that you could include in the development of your managers:

Learn how to get the best from your team by employing specific coaching techniques. Identify situations where coaching will provide the best interaction between you and your team members. Learn situations where coaching is the best technique to use and situations where it’s not.

Learn how your leadership skills can create opportunities for team members to motivate and inspire themselves to better performance. Learn how performance can be improved daily and build on to get better results. Learn from successful leaders so you can model successful behaviour.

Learn how your style of management can encourage your staff to perform at their best. Learn how you can provide the best environment for people to tap into their potential.


Learn specific models that allow you to conduct effective one-to-one’s with your team members. Learn how to spend your time wisely and produce the results you want, rather than just measure activity. Learn how high-performing managers conduct effective feedback sessions.

Learn how to conduct formal performance review sessions that people actually look forward to. Be able to conduct appraisals that create results and make team members create plans that will drive performance in the future.

Learn the stages of change that companies go through and how to cope with them. Learn how to deal with change imposed on the company and change that you instigate. Learn how to lessen the impact of change on the team and how they can embrace it and learn to develop new skills required through the changes that take place.


Learn how customer expectations have changed and why it is so important to not only meet but to exceed those expectations. Learn how complaints should be welcomed as consultations with your company. Learn the results of outstanding customer service and how to make it the normal way of behaving within your company.

Learn how to run magic meetings that get results. Learn the reasons why meetings should take place and reasons why they shouldn’t. Learn how to get the best responses from all attendees. Learn the best alternatives to meetings so that you don’t waste time in meaningless meetings.

Learn the skills required to get positive results even in situations where you have to give bad feedback. Learn how to keep staff motivated and empowered through quality feedback. Learn why feedback is the breakfast of champions.


Learn the basics of what drives people to perform. Learn the models of motivation that work today. Learn the new motivational techniques that are driving team performance and deal with communication issues that demotivate.

Learn how to plan and structure small and large projects to utilise resources and personal skills effectively. Learn how to track and monitor projects so they deliver productive and effective results to schedule and against budget.

Learn the latest techniques that turn your sales teams in to marketing machines and allow them to partner with clients, releasing their potential. Learn how to view selling from the buyer’s viewpoint and gain knowledge of what they buyer of the future will be requiring from sales teams.


Learn what makes a great tem tick. Learn how to develop people’s synergistic skills so they gain better results from working with others. Learn the difference between a group of individuals and a team capable of achieving great things.

Learn how prioritise workloads effectively so you can deal with overwhelming amounts of tasks. Learn the 4 levels of urgency that will allow you do get things done efficiently. Learn the difference between urgency and importance and how to deal with tasks screaming for your attention. Learn how manage yourself and the tasks you have to accomplish, rather than trying to manage time, which can’t be managed.

Learn how your own management style has an effect on the way you manage and lead others. Learn how to be adaptable so you can deal with any situation effectively. Learn how management and leadership is situational and identify the best style to adopt to get the best results.


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