3 Easy Ways To Step Up Your Leadership Game

February 19, 2015

Leadership word on compassAs a manager, you should be encouraging your staff to be the best that they can be. However, some managers forget that they should continuously be striving for the same thing.

They should be focusing on working to improve their leadership styles to be the best possible examples and mentors for their teams.

It’s not always easy to see your own downfalls, so we are providing a guide on how to change your leadership tactics to improve your image at work.

Reflection – Managers are often very busy, handling multiple tasks at a time, until they nearly collapse at the end of the day. This does not leave a lot of time to reflect on the day, and what decisions and actions they made. However, great leaders always take the time to think back and reflect on what they did that they were proud of, and what could have been handled better. For example, if you snapped at at worker who did something wrong, can you have expressed your emotions in a better way? Taking a few minutes each week to think about your behavior and how you can improve it will make you a better leader.

Feedback – In addition to your own self-reflection about your leadership abilities, it’s a good idea to get direct feedback right from your employees. They are the ones that are directly affected by you, so they are the best source for judging your style. Turn to your Human Resources manager for help in preparing and distributing private and confidential surveys to your staff. Or, simply email a survey to employees, and urge them to drop them in your mailbox slot without their names on it. Getting your team members’ insight into your everyday leadership style can provide you with a guide on what you need to change.

Learning – Although a popular saying states that great leaders are born, not made, that is not always the case. A great leader should always consider him or herself to be a process in the making, striving to improve each and every day. An easy way to improve leadership style is to learn how to do so from professionals. There are many online and onsite classes that focus on improving communication, listening, non-verbal behavior and conflict resolutions, which are all essential qualities of a great leader.

Invest your time into learning how to be a better manager, and your staff will thank you by being more loyal and efficient. Utilise the guide above to start improving your leadership style today.

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Stewart Bull

Senior Trainer & Consultant

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