Top 5 Questions You Should Ask When Interviewing

November 14, 2018
Business men in a job interview

Interviews are an important time that highly determines whether the person you bring into your team will fit in successfully or not.

Typically lasting about an hour, it’s not a whole lot of time to gauge a person’s skills and strengths.

Ask the following five questions to help you learn more about them:

1) Tell me a little about yourself:

Asking open-ended questions in interviews is imperative not only to get answers to technical questions, but to assess the candidate’s overall communication and interaction style.

When they are given an opportunity to answer more than a mere yes/ no, you can gauge how they formulate sentences, what kind of vocabulary they utilise and how intelligible they are.

Communication skills are ranked amongst the top of vital skills leaders seek from incoming employees, so evaluate the candidate’s right off the bat to make sure they are a good communicator.

2) Why are you interested in this particular position?:

You want to be able to separate the candidates who simply apply to a mass amount of job openings hoping that they’ll get one call back from those that are truly interested in this specific job.

Listen carefully to the answers—you want to identify the individuals that have clearly researched your firm and team, and tell you about what makes the position appealing to them.

3) What makes you the right candidate for this position?:

Although you may have read the person’s CV, in person, the individual may tell you much more information about what makes them the right fit for this position.

For example, they may have attended a conference with your existing employees, and already made relationships with them that can help them during the onboarding process!

4) What would you say your greatest weaknesses are?:

In interviews, people tend to talk themselves up.

Asking them to name their weaknesses will give you a chance to evaluate a person’s honesty; after all, we all have downfalls that we are aware of.

Also, it will give you an opportunity to see how in touch with themselves the person is; if they can’t come up with even one bad quality that they need to work on, they likely have no idea how they come off, which may not be great when they interact with others.

5) Tell me about a conflict or challenge you have had to face at work, and how you dealt with it:

Conflicts and challenges are ever present at the workplace, and you want to find a person who is motivated to be creative and innovative in solving both.

You want someone that is able to explain in detail the steps they took to resolve the problem professionally, and what the final result ended up being.

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