To Achieve Great Things You Often Need To Focus On Something Else!

November 28, 2013

Look at the photograph above of Jessica Ennis as she is about to launch the javelin. Most people in the world of learning and development will talk about the importance of focussing on the goal and visualising success. The javelin is a distance event and the winner is the athlete than can throw the ‘spear’ the furthest distance. The distance is measured from the base line (the line the athletes must not cross) to where the javelin lands. How high the javelin goes is not measured but look at Jessica’s eyes, what are they focussed on? Jessica is either looking at the end of the javelin or a distant ‘mark’ high up in the stadium. What she is not looking at is the place she wants the javelin to land.

Jessica knows that if she launches the javelin with exactly the right trajectory (angle) and with the correct power and thrust, the distance will actually take care of itself.

I find that most people actually spend too much time focussing on their end goal and not enough time focussing on doing the right things, right. They become transfixed on the final prize and as a result lose sight of the short term successes needed as stepping stones.

I do a lot of work with sales people and the great ones are those that focus on solving their client’s issues, rather than their own sales targets. The sales target is the point on the ground in the Jessica Ennis analogy above, the salesperson however is aiming elsewhere, the ‘mark’ high up in the stadium. Poor sales people that focus more on their own interests will find that their clients can see this. They become more concerned that the seller has ulterior motives and are therefore less likely to proceed.

This does not mean that you don’t think about the final result, your ultimate goal, you absolutely need to know what that is. The goal needs to be written, pictured and also talked about. A great athlete will tell you exactly what their target time or distance is.

The idea of this blog is to ensure that you fully understand the constituent parts of your ultimate successes and are able to focus on exactly the right things that will get you there. When we climb a mountain we often lose sight of the summit on the way up. This is okay as we know it is still there, we just simply aim at the highest point that we CAN see. When we reach that point we do the same again until the final destination is in clear sight.

Examine your goals and motivations this week and just check your focus is in the right place.

Many thanks

Stuart Allen

Trainer & Consultant at MTD Training

(Image by The Guardian)

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