The 3 Biggest Mistakes Made In An Employee Appraisal

June 28, 2018

An employee appraisal is one of the most important interactions between an employee and their boss.

This is a time for both parties to state their goals, concerns, hopes and plans for the next period or year.

What can lead to an ineffective appraisal is a boss who is not prepared or one who makes the following mistakes during this meeting:

Not Creating an Individual Plan

Remember that opposed to a departmental meeting, an appraisal is a time to work with one individual depending on their strengths and weaknesses rather than the entire team.

This means that the goals and standards for the worker must be personalised, and you must look for growth rather than hold everyone to the same standard.

Rather than create an objective for the entire group, and compare the success of the star employees with newbies or those that might be struggling, set goals that will encourage every employee to improve in their own way.

Not Discussing the Link Between Pay and Performance

While managers look at an appraisal as a way to discuss upcoming goals, employees look at it as a time to find out their prospects for the next year.

Appraisals are typically the time when bosses alert their subordinates to the fact if they got a promotion or a raise.

This can be a frustrating time for some workers, who get glowing feedback, but then a very low raise.

If your policy is not to link performance with pay, make sure your employees are aware of that, and are clear on what the actual policy is.

Not Modifying the Process to Be Efficient

If after every appraisal you truly feel like nothing changes, you need to analyse what is going wrong and fix it.

Not modifying the process to be efficient is a mistake that wastes everyone’s time and hurts productivity.

A great strategy is to ask for feedback from employees about making the process better for them.

After all, this is focused on their performance and helping them set smart goals to better their efficiency.

Researching other tips on improving the appraisal can prove to be valuable.

Incorporating ideas, such as setting measurable goals, providing instant feedback, training and mentoring your employees can all be excellent ideas to discuss at the appraisal to make sure your employees are destined for success.

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