The 3 Worst Possible Outcomes From NOT Empowering Your Employees

August 10, 2017

Most organisations and leaders would say that they want to empower their employees.

There are so many benefits to both the staff and the leaders from this process, that it makes no sense not to do it.

However, why are so many employees not empowered when their bosses have the best intentions in mind?

Whether they don’t know how to do so or simply talk the talk but don’t walk the walk, not motivating your team to succeed can have the following three negative outcomes:

Low Productivity

When managers are successful in empowering their staff, they offer them the training, mentorship, motivation and feedback to work smarter, faster and better.

However, the failure to motivate employees does the very opposite, leading to lower productivity.

The problem is that when leaders do not know or simply choose not to raise their staff members’ levels of competence, knowledge, self-esteem and confidence, they don’t have what they need to be effective at their jobs.

They are not motivated to succeed, and know that no one is watching how fast or productive they are, so they feel they don’t need to try their best.

High Staff Turn Over

What happens when employees feel like they don’t have enough training, resources or motivation to do their job?

They may simply not do it well, but they can also resign and find work in a more empowering workplace.

While “various studies have shown that empowered employees are more satisfied in their work, and less likely to seek employment elsewhere,” according to a source, failure to achieve this causes high employee turnover.

If you notice that you are not able to retain your employees, and are constantly recruiting and training new candidates, you should consider what the cause of the turnover may be.

Conduct exit interviews and ask your employees if they would consider staying had you provided them with more strategies and support for success.

If the answer is yes, work to reduce staff turnover with empowerment.

Higher Operational Costs

One of the worst outcomes of the failure to empower your team is higher operational costs.

When your employees work slower and make more mistakes, you have to pay them to work longer hours, and pay for 10 hours to get something done instead of 5 (as an example).

When your staff turnover is high, you lose money by spending your own time training staff and then losing time while they become acclimated to the job and not working to their full capacity.

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