How To Integrate A New Employee Into Your Team

October 31, 2014

a0183122-c364-406e-a68b-b5641873e830If you have recently had to replace an employee that has left the company, or have had to hire additional staff for the holiday season, you need to take the steps necessary to integrate that person into the team.

While some managers simply hire a person and expect him or her to get acquainted with the new role and colleagues, managers should actually play a big role in assimilating new team members into the organisation. Read below to find out how to integrate a new employee into your team.

1. Orientation – There is nothing more important to the success of a new employee than a proper orientation. The individual needs to be fully trained to do the job correctly. It’s beneficial to have trainings be prepared for all new employees, so you can simply show a video or provide a manual instead of having to conjure up something for every new hire. Other than providing training for the job, orientations need to give an overview of the entire organisation, its vision and motto, and the culture of the company. Make sure the employee understands what is appropriate and not appropriate to do on the job, what the dress code is, hours of employment, and other such information. The more information the new employee gets during orientation, the more confident and successful that person will be as a member of your team.

2. Introduction Meeting – While some supervisors tend to hire new employees and have them start working with others right away, the better tactic is to organise an introductory meeting with the entire department. You can have the meeting take place in a conference room, or choose to take your staff out for lunch. Introduce the new candidate and tell the others a little about his or her professional history. This will show your staff why this person was chosen for the job, and how qualified he or she is. Encourage the colleagues to converse with each other, which will allow them to get to know each other.

3. Mentorship – One of the most successful ways to integrate new employees is to create a mentorship program in your company. Ask seasoned employees that have worked at your organisation for a long time to take new members under their wings and help them get acquainted with the job demands and the work environment. Giving new staff members someone to turn to and ask questions can alleviate stress and anxiety typical on a new job.

The faster a new employee can get assimilated into the company, the faster they will become efficient and competent on the job. Follow the tips above to integrate new staff members to the job.

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