Are Your Team Treading On Egg Shells When You’re Around?

June 3, 2014

Working in a war zone that carries a constantly hostile environment is not ideal for either manager or employee.

Instead of conflicting with each other you should be in the fight together!

As a manager one of your worst fears should be that your team is constantly treading on egg shells when you are around. Fear of you will result in constant fear of making mistakes – and with this reluctance to take appropriate risks and to use initiative will stop both employee and business progressing.

What can you do as a manager to avoid this scenario from happening?

Don’t have constant mood swings. Try to control your emotions in the workplace – let passion come through but don’t let it turn to anger and do not take it out on any one employee. This will also make your staff become more reluctant to approach you should they have an issue with them not knowing which mood you are in.

Don’t humiliate employees. Never humiliate them in front of other members of staff or in front of customers. Degrading them in front of their peers can be seen as bullying and will totally demoralise the employee in question.

Do not blame everything on your staff. Even if it is their fault – openly blaming your staff for mistakes encourages a finger-pointing culture and as a result none of your staff will take responsibility for their errors.

Some managers take the ‘I don’t have to be their friend’ approach when managing their staff. At the same time you do not have to be their enemy either. Praise frequently when praise is required – I’m not saying take everyone out for a beer after work but be personable.

It is much more comfortable for all members of staff if they are to work in a non-hostile environment where there is a constant atmosphere.

Another thing that should be avoided as manager is setting traps for your staff – where you set them a task that you know is unattainable and you do it purposefully to see them fail. Playing mind games with your staff should be avoided at all times – there has to be trust within your team and if you cannot trust them, then the feeling will not be reciprocated.

Don’t be in the faces of your staff but at the same time do not isolate yourself from the team. Make them aware that you are there for them if you are needed.

Try and make where you work a more cohesive environment to work in – this cohesion will be reflected in the smooth running of the business.

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