Are You A Manager Your Team Can Trust?

May 14, 2013

Without trust we lose credibility and respect as managers. Without trust we can lose loyalty and productive teams.

So how do people know that you are a manager that they can trust? Here’s a few key attributes you need to demonstrate.

Keeping Your Word

Whilst this may seem obvious, there are still managers who fail to keep their word. They promise certain action and then let you down. It is true that many managers who do this, do so with good intentions. Before making promises you cannot keep, stop and consider the impact if you do not follow through.

This especially applies to bonus payments and promises of promotion. Going back on assurances that if individuals perform at a certain they will achieve a particular level of payment or promotion; can be very destructive and de-motivational. In these situations it is not uncommon for employees to seek retribution in one form or another!

Giving credit to your team

Even though you’re the leader of your team it doesn’t mean that you can take all the credit. Good teams can often make an average manager look great. Showing that you are prepared to promote the talent and achievements of team members can engender great motivation for everybody and earn respect amongst your peers. It may also attract other people wanting to join your department that their efforts are likely to be appreciated and recognised.

Supporting the team during tough times

It is a good measure of a true leader when you defend your team even when things are not going the way you would want it. Unfortunately some managers blame their team’s performance on the quality of people they have. There are many examples where a manager has turned an ordinary team into a high performing unit. By creating an atmosphere where each team member is prepared to work for each other and their manager, great things can be achieved.

This usually starts with you as a role model. By actively demonstrating support to the team this will encourage others within the team to help each other. When the going gets tough, tough teams work for each other and take group responsibility.

Showing interest in their aspirations

You can gain instant trust be showing genuine interest in helping team members reach their goals in life. Actively looking for opportunities to give them the skills and experience they need to move on will create a lasting trust between you.

Checking progress towards objectives

It may come as a surprise to some people that checking progress and monitoring activity can generate enormous trust between manager and employee. If an employee doesn’t believe their manager will check on them from time to time they may not trust their manager to achieve the team’s objectives. There is an old management saying; ‘What gets measured, gets done’ Once people know that you will be following up with them, they are more likely to do it!

We hope you found these tips useful. If you want people to follow your leadership then you will need to generate trust between you. If you need help, consider management coaching to help you get the best out of your team. Contact us for more information.

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Scott Rumsey

Senior Management Trainer & Consultant at MTD Training

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