9 Ways To Get Your Employees To Respect You

January 3, 2013

As a manager, getting your team to really trust and respect you and your position within the company can be a very delicate – and sometimes difficult – task. You need to establish creditability as a manager, and you should not just assume that simply because you have been given a position of power that you automatically deserve the respect of your team members or employees.

So, how do you earn the respect of your team? Here are 9 top tips to help you build strong relationships with your workers and give them a reason to look up to you as a manager or business owner.

1. Listen to them

Did you realise that an anagram of listen is ‘silent’! One way to gain respect from your employees is knowing when to shut up and just keep silent. This means stopping what you are doing and actively listen to what they are saying. Who knows you may learn something!

2. Find out what motivates them as individuals

Do you genuinely know what motivates each of your employees or do you think you already know? How can I know for sure, I hear you ask? If in doubt ask them. Pretty radical, I know and just asking the question will win great respect. Doing something with this information will give you a loyal and productive employee.

3. Show interest in them

Your staff will do more for you if they know you are interested in them. How much do you know about their background, what they enjoyed at school and what they are proud of in their lives? You may be surprised by what qualities you discover in your team.

4. Praise progress

Always remember to thank your employees even if they are doing what they are paid for. Never presume that someone who works with you knows they did a good job. You don’t have to overdo this, but do remember to use praise appropriately.

5. Learn how to redirect the negative

Many managers make the mistake of only focusing on the negative. This means they only give feedback when something goes wrong. This is especially annoying when you have worked really hard and yet the only thing the manager talks about is one small error. Concentrating on strengths will help your people overcome their weaknesses.

6. Don’t place blame

Some managers always look for someone to blame when things go wrong. Most people are looking for job satisfaction rather than making mistakes. This means that they will already feel bad when they make a mistake. So address the team and not individual and make it a team responsibility to find ways of preventing these sort of situations happening again.

Remember, listen, before judging!

7. Openly trust – be sincere, honest, patient

This is the secret to letting go and giving people the opportunity to show what they can do. When you give someone that trust to get something done, they will not want to lose that trust. Remember to check they understand what needs to be done, they have the right skills, knowledge and resources to do the job. Show your sincerity, be honest with your expectations and be patient enough to let them learn even if this means making minor mistakes.

8. Nurture relationships

This is so very important as people will feel that you value them as people. You want to make sure you help create a trusting, comfortable environment for employees to flourish.

9. Enjoy your work!

Enthusiasm is contagious. If you show your employees that you enjoy what you do, they will be able to enjoy their work too. Happy people smile and care. If you are always moaning and groaning, walking around with a scowl, you will lose respect and people will avoid you.

AND most importantly … reinforce the positive; redirect the negative!

Many thanks

Scott Rumsey

Senior Management Trainer & Consultant at MTD Training


(Image by PinkBlue at FreeDigitalPhotos.net)

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