3 Reasons Why Your Team Aren’t Listening

August 30, 2018
Meeting with employees not listening

It can be extremely frustrating when you feel that people are not listening to you.

You know that you told your staff a million times the proper way to do a task, but they are still not able to implement it. Why?

There are so many reasons that your team isn’t listening to you, but if you focus on correcting these top possible issues, there’s a chance you’ll be able to fix this problem.

They are Confused

If you feel like you have asked for something or explained it more than once, but progress is still not being made, the reason may not be that your employees don’t want to change the status quo, but they are not sure how to do it.

As a manager, you must tell your employees that you expect them to speak up and let you know when something is confusing or they’re simply not following along with your instructions.

Otherwise, they may be nervous to say that they don’t understand something, and rather not do it up to par then ask for help.

They Don’t Trust You

Unfortunately, not all managers work for the betterment of the team—some are only interested in their own self promotion.

For your employees to be able to listen to you and carry out your instructions, they need to be able to trust you.

Consider the relationship you have with your staff members—do you consider their needs and help them develop in their positions?

Or, do you have them do mindless task and then take all the credit for the collaborative work?

Your employees quickly catch on to your motivations, and to have them respect and listen to you, you must have the company’s best intentions in mind instead of just your own.

You Have No Authority

Sometimes, employees don’t listen to their boss because they know that the leader has no real authority.

It is imperative for a manager to establish their position as early as possible upon entering a new team.

Although you should be a macro manager that works with a team, instead of a micromanager who simply doles out instructions, your team must respect your authority and listen to you.

If that is not the case, consider how you can change the relationship between you and your employees to make them see you in a new light.  

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