Should Employees Be Allowed To Bring Pets To Work?

August 4, 2015

Can you imagine walking into your office to find dogs running around?

Unless you work at a pet shop or a pet rescue foundation, most managers probably couldn’t.

However, a new trend is emerging that encourages employees to bring their pets to work. It has gained so much popularity, that BBC News reported on this phenomenon back in 2012, stating how many benefits this offers to the staff.

Consider whether allowing pets at the workplace would be right for your firm by assessing the possible benefits, such as:

Reducing Stress – Dogs are truly men’s best friend, and the website Animal Smart reports that studies have shown that interaction with dogs raises oxytocin, the chemical responsible for a good mood, while lowering cortisol, which causes stress. BBC News confirms that this, citing a study done by Virginia Commonwealth University, which measured saliva levels for workers who had brought their pooches to work, versus those who had not. As the day progressed, those with animals at work showed much lower levels of stress than those who didn’t.

Increasing Productivity – Although you may believe that having an adorable puppy around the office will prevent any of your staff from getting their work done, just the opposite may be true. According to a press release from Nestle Purina, dogs have actually been found to improve employees’ moods, promote interaction and engagement between colleagues, all of which leads to happier and more team-oriented employees. When your staff members have a positive state of mind, and work well in a team with others, they are naturally more productive.

Rewards Employees – Most of us spend the majority of our days at the office, leaving family and friends behind. What a great reward it would be if managers allowed staff to bring a member of their family, albeit a canine one, to work. This would be a great reward to your subordinates, which wouldn’t have to cost you a penny.

Although there are many benefits of allowing employees to bring their dogs to work, not all companies can accommodate this. If you have many employees, you cannot allow all of them to bring in their pets, as havoc can ensue.

If your clients regularly visit your office, they may not like your friendly pet policy, either. However, if you feel this would be a great policy for your corporate culture, it is something to consider.

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Stewart Bull

Senior Trainer & Consultant

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