Are Your Team Really Satisfied?

April 25, 2013


Different people want different things from their work. For some it’s a means of paying the bills, for others it’s a career and for some it’s gaining experience for their CV. Whether it’s a stepping stone to another position or the last job before retirement, how do you satisfy different motivators in the team?

This article aims to give you some ideas for helping your team gain real job satisfaction.

Find out why they originally took the job

Even if you think you know what motivated them to take this current position, ask anyway – you may be surprised… and wrong. There must have been a positive intention or motivation that prompted them to apply. Sometimes reminding themselves of these reasons can re-ignite the original passion for the role.

Ask them which parts of the job they enjoy and why

Whilst many people don’t like their jobs as a rule, there may be some elements that they like more than others. Are there other parts of the work in your office that could be re-allocated in exchange for some of their less favourite work? Even if this is not practical, just be asking shows that you are interested in them as a person.

Provide regular feedback

People who have been in a role for number of years and appear to know what they are doing still need feedback. Admittedly some more than others and remember that they may need confirmation that they are still valued. You never know what insecurities people have. Remembering to give specific praise and recognition to a longstanding team member can be very motivational. Making the effort to notice what they are doing well will often prevent that person even considering moving on.

Help facilitate personal development

Showing that you are genuinely interested in an individual’s personal development will often create a spark of excitement in most people’s work life. Many employees are currently worried that they might be ‘trapped’ in their job and cannot risk applying for other jobs. By demonstrating that you want to help them develop and even facilitate some development activity, they might well decide that they are not trapped after all and show a renewed interest in their role.

Make it a fun place to work

On top of the suggestions made above you could consider making changes to the atmosphere in the team. There are many jobs around the country which some regard as boring or dirty or tough, yet because of the camaraderie and banter amongst the people doing it, they actually enjoy it. As leadership comes from the top, make a conscious choice to have fun at work. Depending upon your organisation and the type of work carried out, find ways to lighten the mood a little. Starting with team meetings, provide short fun team building activities; introduce quizzes and visits from outside experts on product etc.

Whatever effort you put into helping your team achieve job satisfaction, will ultimately be repaid in increased team motivation, higher employee productivity and a better morale in the team. Boring and dirty jobs can still provide satisfaction, depending upon the mood and atmosphere in the team. So start using your imagination and see what you can do to improve job satisfaction in your team.

Many thanks

Scott Rumsey

Senior Management Trainer & Consultant at MTD Training

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