Are Disengaged Employees Hurting Your Organisation?

March 8, 2016

Modern managers are likely aware that they should try to engage their staff to promote a loyal and hardworking team.

There is so much research about the benefits of having employees that are engaged on the job, but not much is said about the other scenario, or those workers who are not engaged.

Busy working days cause some leaders to ignore disengaged workers, leaving them to their own workload, and concentrating on more apt and willing staff members.

However, not attempting to correct the issue with employees who underperform can truly hurt the entire organisation.

In this blog post, we will offer several scenarios of how this can occur:

Poor Performance

The core issue of disengaged employees is that they underperform.

While some simply don’t have the skills needed, which can easily be corrected with proper training, others don’t have the positive attitude to motivate themselves to work.

These employees typically come in late, leave early, and generally slack off.

While others are running around getting their projects done, these employees can sit idly at their desks, taking their time and not trying at all.

While leaders may dread confronting and dealing with these workers, the truth is that their lack of proper work output hurts the company by bringing down the bottom line, often forcing others to work harder and pick up the slack, which is not fair.

Negative Attitude

Another issue that disengaged workers contribute to is a negative voice to your corporate culture.

The fact that they are not engaged to the mission of the company makes them bitter, angry and bored, often voicing those opinions to the rest of the staff.

These are the people that constantly cause issues on the job, complaining about workload and lack of opportunity.

While some managers may ignore this, this attitude should be addressed promptly, as it can quickly spread and affect the company as a whole.

Poor Customer Service

Another critical way that underperforming employees can hurt the business is by providing poor customer service.

Their bad attitude can cause them to be rude or disrespectful to clients, which can lead them to stop doing business with your firm.

Even when these employees can try to  provide good customer service, their poor communication skills or inadequate knowledge can lead them to giving out inaccurate information, which can also anger the customers.

Disengaged employees are a red flag in any environment!

No matter how busy a manager is, she should quickly address this problem before it gets out of control and causes issues to the company as a whole.

Many thanks

Mark Williams

Head of Training and Development

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