5 Ways To Prevent Boredom At Work

April 23, 2013

Are you team bored with their work? How do you motivate people who carry out the same tasks every day? Is it just SSDD?  ‘Same Stuff Different Day!’ In this article we provide five ideas to help you keep them interested and lively!

If it is you that is bored, then we suggest you read our article on the Golden Rules of Goal Setting although doing some of the stuff below might also re-ignite your spark!

1. Arrange job swaps

This will obviously be easier to arrange in your own team and also give consideration to other departments. Learning someone else’s job in your own team not only gives you better cover for holidays and other eventualities, it also breaks up the constant monotony of their normal job. Exploring other teams means that if they were considering leaving at least you might have the chance to keep them in the organisation.

2. Get everybody out of the office!

Having a meeting, an away day or a joint team training session offsite can be a very powerful way of interrupting the same pattern of daily life. Doing anything together without the distractions of the office brings a team together. We often host or facilitate training days or team building events for our clients. This allows the manager to concentrate on building relationships with team members without the need to worry about chairing or running the day. It also allows the trainer or facilitator to observe everybody independently and provide feedback to the manager after the event. You will find that everybody relaxes to a point where they feel comfortable and give honest feedback to each other.

3. Work with them on projects

You will be surprised at how motivating it is to work together with the boss. And when we say together, we mean TOGETHER AT THE SAME TIME! Not, you go and do this bit and I shall do this bit. We mean sitting down together, visiting clients together, presenting together. Having quality time so that you can really get to know somebody can reap excellent results for all concerned. What works really well is when you have to share a journey to or from a meeting. Use it find out more about their background and the things they are proud of.

4. Delegate some of your more interesting stuff

There is a temptation when delegating to only give out the jobs you don’t like! Obviously doing something less tedious than filing or analysing numbers is bound to be more stimulating. Wherever you can, delegate whole tasks so that they are responsible for seeing it through. Variety of work in general is always a motivator so adding a little challenge too, will help them to think in new ways. The result – job satisfaction. Remember to agree follow up reviews and have a ‘safety net’ just in case you need to rescue it! You’re not setting them up to fail, just giving them a opportunity to learn.

5. Create a bit of excitement

This will require a bit of creativity on your part. Arrange a group visit to a customer or supplier and not just one person. Perhaps arrange a fun event between their team and yours, such as a rounder’s match or a pub quiz. It’s possible some of your counterpart managers at your customer or suppliers may have bored staff too!

Good luck with the top tips we have given you and if you would like MTD to facilitate an event for you, contact us to discuss different options which can link into your organisation objectives.

Many thanks

Scott Rumsey

Senior Management Trainer & Consultant at MTD Training


(Image by Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net)

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