4 Ways To Improve Employee Motivation

August 2, 2018
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If you have gotten used to seeing your employees tired, unenergetic and complaining, you are facing an issue.

A productive and innovative office is one where employees are eager and motivated to come to work each day, excited about completing tasks and staying productive.

However, this can only be achieved by motivated employees.

How to Motivate Your Staff

Delegate Wisely

Most people don’t like monotony, and get bored by completing the same thing over and over.

Unfortunately, this is often the status quo in many departments, where employees do the same thing day after day.

Managers often have some control of this process, and can change change things up to keep the employees learning and on their toes.

When delegating assignments, consider other individuals that may be up to the task instead of the one you always rely on.

Focusing on cross-departmental collaboration can also be valuable in the situation, allowing employees to be responsible for various areas in the company instead of just one.

Communicate Openly

Depending on the size of your company, lower-level employees at larger firms can often feel overlooked by management.

“Employees find interaction and communication with and attention from senior and executive managers motivational,” according to a source.

Executives and upper management should make it a priority to interact regularly with all of their staff, through formal and informal meetings and simply stopping by their working areas for a chat.

By keeping your employees in the loop instead of keeping top-level decisions private, the individuals working for you will feel like they are part of the in crowd, and like their efforts and opinions matter to the leaders of the company.

Give Them a Share of the Pie

Salaried employees are used to the fact that they will earn the same amount regardless of how hard they work.

To motivate them to work harder and more efficiently, consider making them company owners in their own right.

This can involve giving out shares of the company to top performance in public companies or share in the profits in private companies.

This way, your workers will know that the harder they work, the better results the company will see, which will improve their own bottom line.

Raise Energy Levels

As humans, we are relying on our bodies and minds to stay motivated and energetic.

Managers can take hold of this situation by raising energy levels with food and exercise.

Instead of offering unhealthy snacks, such as sweets and chips, research what types of food lead to prolonged energy and introduce them to your colleagues.

Switch traditional desks to standing desks, which have been shown to improve mood levels, raise energy and improve productivity.

Furthermore, instead of having employees wait 4 hours to take a lunch break, introduce mini breaks, where workers stop what they’re doing, stretch and take a mental break every 30 minutes to keep them more energetic and productive.

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