4 Useful Tips On How To Empower Your Employees

January 20, 2015

Business man pointing the text: EmpowermentIt’s not always easy managing people, especially if you are in charge of a large team.

While some supervisors spend their time micromanaging all the finite details, others invest the time into establishing a hierarchy.

Even though that means you will need to relinquish and share some of your power, the benefit of that is that a large chunk of the responsibility for other employees or projects can fall on others.

In order to restructure your team, you will need to pick subordinates that you believe have the power to supervise their colleagues, and empower them to become leaders, themselves.

Below are some helpful tips on how to help an employee become more confident and powerful in the workplace.

Decision-Making  – The number one mistake that bosses often make is promoting someone to a leadership position without authorising him or her to possess any decision-making power. If you want an employee to take on a management role, you need to provide that person with the ability to make a snap judgment, establish priorities, and even discipline and reward members of the team. Without the power to make decisions, the employee’s own subordinates will not respect him or her, and not accept that individual as the true leader.

Feedback – When you are trying to motivate your staff member to take on more responsibility and become more of a valuable player in the team, you need to provide that person with constant feedback. Whether positive or negative, the employee needs to hear from a seasoned manager about what he or she is doing wrong or right on the job. There is no other way for that person to learn and feel comfortable managing others.

Reward – Aside from feedback, remember that one of the best ways to make a team member feel empowered is to reward him or her. Whether it is a promotion to a higher position, a raise, or a bonus, showing the employee that you are noticing the hard work and effort will play a crucial role in his or her self-confidence and drive to succeed.

Challenge Forbes Magazine explains that in order to empower subordinates, you need to constantly challenge them with new and progressive challenges. Your employees will not know their potential if they are doing the same thing day in and day out. And, remember, that a good leader focuses on each employee; therefore, the magazine recommends to “sit down with each member of your team and ask them what types of experiences would help them grow professionally.”

While most managers are busy with daily tasks, it is important to remember that part of your job is to empower your employees. The four steps above will help you motivate and challenge your staff members to make them realise their full potential in the field.

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