4 Great Ways To Delegate To Your Staff Effectively

September 25, 2014

Overworked or writers blockManagers are responsible for making sure their department works diligently and meets performance goals. As a manager is only one person, it is important to delegate to others in a successful manner to motivate employees to work quickly and efficiently. Below are delegation tips managers should employ in leading their staff.

Clear Instructions – The number one reason that employees do not do their jobs properly is because they were not instructed correctly.

When you delegate tasks to your team, make sure to provide clear and concise instructions. Some comprehend better verbally, while others do so orally. A good strategy for instructing employees is to meet with them face-to-face to explain new procedures, and then send out an e-mail outlining all the details.

This way, individuals have a chance to listen and ask any questions about the task, and then have your e-mail to refer to if they forget some aspects of the job at hand. Also, make sure all the members involved have access to communicate with each other, if necessary. Conduct regular face-to-face meetings or teleconferences so that employees have access to each other’s statuses.

Check In – After providing instructions to your team about a given project, don’t just wait until it is completed. Right after instructing your employees, ask them direct questions about aspects of the job.

Quiz them about procedures or choices they may need to make while completing the task.

Make sure to check in with them often while they are working to make sure they are following your instructions, and are doing what they need to be. It’s better to catch mistakes in the process, instead of at the end, when you will need to redo everything.

Document – As a manager, it is imperative to keep records of everything. Write down which tasks you had assigned to each team member, and what instructions were given.

This information can be useful in case you have new employees joining the team; you can then provide them with written notes you already possess. Make sure to notate how each employee did during the task, and which ones had issues.

This knowledge can help you later on when you need to delegate another project. You can refer back to your notes to see what employees excel in some areas, and which ones fail at others.

Give Credit – Once the assignment you delegated has been completed, make sure to acknowledge everyone’s hard work. If you will present the finished product to the company, or to clients, make sure to mention that the work was a team effort. Some managers tend to take all the credit for work completed, leaving their staff feeling neglected and under appreciated.

Showing your gratitude to your team will encourage them to work hard and help you succeed.

Delegating is not easy, and often managers believe it is easier to do the work themselves than to explain what needs to be done. However, by following these tips, explaining the task at hand and managing employees will be easier than ever.

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