Cultural Training

Course Overview

Our bespoke cultural training courses can be designed to meet your exact requirements.

We have a number of cultural training experts who have extensive knowledge in multi cultural team working, sales, negotiation, presentations, customs, way of life and business protocol.

Sample Content

  • Improve the awareness of cultural values and how these compare with people from other cultures
  • How to communicate effectively and how to overcome language barriers
  • Techniques and strategies to improve the understanding of organisational and cultural differences
  • Seeing the world through other peoples eyes – Looking at how teams operate from other cultural perspectives – how meetings are run, the role of a manager, effective and preferred methods of communication etc
  • How to effectively negotiate with people from different cultures
  • How to build up effective networks and relationships with others
  • To provide tips, techniques and strategies to understand and adopt business and social etiquette
  • How to handle questions during negotitations, sales and presentations in a multi-cultural context
  • How to encourage non-native speakers to communicate more effectively

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