Social Media ‘Is Open For Business’

October 10, 2013

Oh no! My title will have already scared off the very people I want to aim this article at!

I’m looking to encourage anyone who has yet to start building a real presence on Twitter and LinkedIn to do so now, before it is too late! I would also encourage anyone who wants to advance their career to start writing a blog.

I was talking to a CEO the other day about Twitter and the massive business benefits that the platform can provide when used correctly. He stated on a number of occasions that “I just don’t ‘get it’ and that’s why I don’t bother with it.”

My response to him was that when it comes to cars that I didn’t really understand how the internal combustion engine works but that didn’t stop me using one. I could say the same for electricity (never been big on physics) and using that. My comments resonated with him and he agreed he would investigate further.

Twitter is without a doubt a ‘shop window’ that allows the business tweeter to literally put their goods/services on display to a massive global market. For those of you that run local or regional businesses don’t discount it on this basis. Twitter is a ‘global platform’ but it can also be used very effectively for ‘local reach’. Just check out the myriad of local Twitter networking events, often known as ‘Hours’, for example #WorcestershireHour takes place every Monday at 8pm and sees local business tweet at a time when they can be sure a local audience is watching.

The business trick on Twitter is NOT to simply advertise but to offer practical advice in your area. When done correctly you can combine case studies on your web sites into tweets so that your customers are doing your selling for you.

LinkedIn is the ‘Facebook’ of business and is now my first port of call when I am doing research or looking for a specialist in a particular area. I use it rather than Google as I would rather work with someone that can be referred to me, rather than just someone that has good SEO on their website.

On LinkedIn make sure your own profile and that of your business is a professional representation of what you do. Ensure you have endorsements and client recommendations as these are vital to build credibility.

Talking of credibility you must write a blog! It doesn’t matter whether it is a formal one that forms part of your website or whether you build your own independent blog on free sites such as WordPress.

Be sure to make your blogs interesting and informative and not just an advert or any form of self-promotion. You can drive traffic to your blog by tweeting links to it and also doing the same on LinkedIn. Read other people’s blogs to see what they are saying. Do you agree with them? If not put your ideas forward.

As Chinese philosopher Laozi (c 604 BC – c 531 BC) once said “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” So why don’t you start your journey into the world of social media for business today?

Many thanks

Stuart Allen

Trainer & Consultant at MTD Training

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