How To Maximise Your PR On A Tight Budget

October 14, 2015

Small to mid-size organisations don’t often have the funds to compete for clients with larger companies.

Without expensive marketing campaigns, it can be very difficult to spread the word about the firm and its services or products.

However, there are ways to maximize your public relations (PR) efforts without having to break the bank.

While marketing does require a great deal of money, PR typically does not, as the right relationships and strategies can get you noticed by the media, who, in turn, will let the world know about your business.

Do Your Research

If you cannot afford to hire a public relation specialist to boost your company’s reputation, you can attempt to do some of the work yourself. The first step would require researching the print and online publications that cover news about your industry. Once you have a list of those, create a database of the reporters and journalists who cover the stories, and take down their contact information. You can either send them material to pitch directly, or try to establish a relationship with them by inviting them out for tea or a drink. You can also send invitations to company events, hoping to network with reporters, who can help you with your PR.

Send Out Press Releases

While targeting individual journalists will help you foster better relationships with them, you can also target a multitude of media professionals at once by sending out press releases. When you have news to announce, you can sign up for a press release distribution service, such as Press Association or Pressat, which will allow you to upload your press release, and then, for a fee, will mass distribute it to thousands of media outlets. You can even pick your target audience by industry, region, etc. If a journalist will find the information in your release interesting and/or relevant, he may very well cover it in his publication.

Join A Social Cause

Joining a social cause has two benefits, your firm will contribute to a philanthropic initiative, while spreading the word about its services. There are a multitude of ways you can get PR out of philanthropy, such as supporting local schools, hospitals and shelters. Typically, these organisations will include your name on a banner, or even on their website, exposing your brand to possible new customers.

Smaller companies can maximize their PR efforts without having to compete financially with much larger businesses.

Just be creative and think outside the box to get your name out there and noticed.

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Gavin Muge

Senior Trainer & Consultant

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