How To Look For A New Job Whilst Still Employed

February 12, 2015

Businessman reading a book over white backgroundLooking for a new job while you are still employed at your old one is a tricky process. You want to scour the opportunities available to you, however, you do not want to take the chance of losing your current post in the process. This strategy requires discretion and tactics to take time off for interviews and possible meetings without alerting your own bosses of your plans. Read below for a guide on how to look for a new post without compromising your current one.

Don’t Search at Work – With today’s technological developments, many business owners are monitoring their employees’ computers and company mobile phones. Therefore, although many people do search for new work from their office desk, that is never a good idea. Not only can your immediate supervisor trace your internet usage and find out what you’re up to, but someone may simply walk by your desk and see your online activity, or you can forget to turn your monitor off, alerting others to your possible departure from your post. Save the search for new employment for your personal time at home.

Don’t Slack Off – Many individuals that have made up their mind to switch posts decide that there is no point to work hard at their current job anymore, and start to slack off. Whether they come in late, leave early, or simply don’t show as much enthusiasm or efficiency on the job, that can be telltale warning signs to their superiors. The last thing you need is to be terminated from your position because of your attitude and work ethic before you have a chance to find something new. Remember to persist to work hard until your very last day on the job.

Don’t Alert Your Employer – The biggest mistake anyone can make while looking for a new job is to have a prospective new employer contact the present one. Unless you have come clean to your boss, who knows and is fine with you searching for a new post, don’t let this error happen to you. Don’t ever put your employer’s name or contact information on your CV or list of references. Furthermore, make sure to let anyone you interview with know that your boss is not aware of your plans to leave the company, so he or she cannot be notified. Most job applications usually ask if your current boss can be contacted, and you must be sure to put no.

Many individuals do look for new work while still employed. This is a good strategy to find a more challenging position with more seniority and more pay without the risk of losing your job during the search. Utilise the three tips above for a successful query to find new employment.

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