How To Be A Better Manager

July 2, 2013

The manager’s role is about achieving the objectives through the people in their team.

If you feel that you could be better at managing people in your team then read on for some top tips.

Value What You’re Already Good At

The foundation of any personal development should be your existing strengths. If you think you need to improve your people skills then it is likely that you are better at the task based activities. These existing skills are truly valuable and it is essential that you recognise this. It can be too easy to criticise yourself for your weaknesses with people but this will not necessarily help you get better. There are some who are excellent at motivating their team yet they struggle with the operational or task based activities.

Enlist The Help Of Your Team

Improving your people management skills involves knowing how to motivate people and get the best out of them. If you want to know what motivates individuals in your team, ask them and then use this information accordingly. You can also ask your team to give you feedback on the way you manage them. Ask them to give you some positive points before they give one key factor that they think would help you be a better manager. There is a small risk in doing this that they will just moan and the rewards are usually worth it.

Keep An Open Mind

We all have our own view of how managers should behave often based on previous experience and the managers we have worked for in the past. We also need to keep our mind open to other people’s perceptions of our management and leadership style. What you may see as maintaining high standards may sometimes be viewed as petty and criticism. Listen to what the team has to say in team meetings about issues that have affected the team and their views about how things can be improved. Managers do not have a monopoly on good ideas and you may find that they have a good solution to contribute.

Learn From Your Mistakes

Everybody makes mistakes, even managers! Sometimes we need to own up to them especially in terms of how we manage people. We can make judgements about why a person has acted a certain way and then we find out later that our assumptions were wrong. Firstly we should apologise for doing so and find a better way of dealing with that situation next time. It pays to show that we are human and will probably earn more respect from the team.

Look After Your Best Asset – Your People

As managers we cannot do the job on our own. We need to look after those who will help us get the job done. This means investing time and effort developing them so that they have the skills and knowledge to do it well.

You will also want to be safe in the knowledge that when you are not there that they will be able to cope with any issue that occurs. Managers who fail to ensure that the team can work independently when they are not present will be reluctant to take time off for fear that something disastrous may happen in their absence.

So in summary keep hold of your strengths and then use this to build the capability of your team by investing time and effort in them. Show that you value them and enlist their help in making you a better manager. Good luck!

Many thanks

Scott Rumsey

Senior Management Trainer & Consultant at MTD Training

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