How Carrying A Notebook Can Improve Yourself As A Manager

May 20, 2014

Epiphanies and ideas can occur absolutely anywhere during any time – some of these ideas potentially life changing.

Some of these thoughts can pop up in your mind for just a split second and almost immediately they are forgotten and lost forever.

So this is my idea for you, and yes I know it is the 21st century – but my proposition for you today is to invest in a notebook.

That’s right, just a simple pen and paper. Carry it with you at all times – it doesn’t have to be massive in size, just one that slips into your pocket.

Without the notebook, Albert Einstein would never have developed his general theory of relativity. We would never have seen the mind of Leonardo Da Vinci, who put all of his thoughts into a notebook, whether it was mathematics or his ideas for a flying machine.

I know what you’re thinking – we live in an age of smart phones, laptops and tablets – technology with endless storage and pages in your hands. But from a cynical point of view, these are devices which can lose files and delete documents. What is worse than having an amazing idea and finding that your mobile phone has ran out of battery?

This is why a notebook is essential: a pen and paper is reliable and gets the job done.

For spur of the moment ideas you can jot down notes. Your ideas can flow across the page and you can draw arrows leading to other ideas that grow from the thoughts that you had initially.

Keep what you are writing legible – there is nothing more frustrating than writing down a thought that has been scribbled down and is completely unreadable. Keep clear concise notes and try not to write down just ambiguous notes that will leave you scratching your head when you come back to them later on.

Notebooks are great not only for storing and retaining ideas, but they have other uses.

Use your notepad to reflect at the end of each day – have you learnt anything new? Maybe write down some thoughts that you have had during the day and how they have helped you achieve.

Have you made any mistakes? Note them down and then reflect on how these could have been avoided.

Date each thought that you have and each mistake you make so you can go back through your notes and deliver a quick self-assessment to monitor your improvement.

People may invest in the latest phone or tablet and spend hundreds of pounds at a time. But please, I urge you to invest in a notebook – it may be the cheapest and most cost effective investment you will ever make.

Many Thanks

Adam Chapman

Training Manager at MTD Training 

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