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May 27, 2014

When I was at secondary school we had the day out of lessons for a ‘day of enrichment’.

We had the day in a classroom with an American gentleman called Robert Razz.

Razz, who originates from California, lost his arm in a serious water sports accident whilst teaching a young girl to water ski.

After extensive therapy he was still emotionally unstable – he was resentful and sad at the fact that his arm was lost. Razz attended a personal development seminar – where each course individual was asked “what do you really want?” Razz’s response was “I just want to scream”

Razz screamed for several minutes until he passed out. After he was revived – he did it again. This happened for fifteen minutes. Once he had finished – he said that he was free of all sadness, anger and resentment of what happened that day he lost his arm.

He spent the day at our school talking to us about his life and then followed it up with various team building and activities. Despite me being only thirteen years old I do remember that day still – the tagline for the day was ‘Be the very best you can be.’ He was an extremely inspirational gentleman who I still remember to the very day.

Despite his injury, he still continued his passion of playing the drums and later worked with ‘The Who’.

During that year I tried a lot harder at school and trained a lot harder at football – knowing that I had just the simple things like my health and my mobility. This provided a foundation for me to build and achieve some good results at school in later years

So my suggestion for you is a motivational speaker.

The obvious downside is that it will cost money for the speaker and members of your staff will have some time off. But I think this is massively outweighed by the long term benefits that can be unlocked and achieved.

An effective motivational speaker can make your team realise the potential they can have and how they can make a difference not only at work but their life in general.

And this will benefit the company with the employee knowing that it was you that provided the experience that has encouraged them to fulfil this potential.

Inspiring them in the short term to perform and thrive will develop habits that will last for the long term.

Many Thanks

Adam Chapman

Training Manager at MTD Training 

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