3 Small LinkedIn Tweaks That Will Add Professional Value

October 19, 2015

In today’s labour market, social networks are playing a major role in career development. The online giant in the professional world is LinkedIn, whose 300 million members use the service to communicate with others in their industries and find jobs.

The site allows members to peruse their contacts’ profiles and view their contacts in order to find people to network with.

Visitors can also sign up to get notifications from a job board in a specific field, or can join groups pertinent to their work.

However, LinkedIn has so many features, that users aren’t aware of many of them.

Aside from the traditional aspects, it has opened up the site to help users in many areas of their professional life.

In this article, we will share three LinkedIn secrets that will build your own personal brand and add professional value.

Interact With Clients

LinkedIn is a wonderful way to contact potential new employers, but it also a valuable resource for interacting with your clients.

The website has made it possible to communicate with clients by providing and publishing content.

First, companies can create profiles with relevant information about their services and products.

Then, they can seek followers, similar to Twitter or Instagram.

Once both of those items are established, organisations have excellent tools for disseminating information to their client base.

By sending out articles, blogs, images, and tips, LinkedIn provides a way to increase the business’ client base.

Use It On The Go

Few users are aware of LinkedIn’s large variety of apps – from those tailored to Androids, iPhones, Pulse, and apps targeted to recruiters and sales professionals.

If you are searching for a job, the app can actually sync to your calendar and remind you about interviews.

Furthermore, it will pull up the profile of the interviewee so you can find out relevant information about them to help you during the meeting.

The Job Search app allows members to get notifications about possible jobs tailored for them, to which they can apply just by submitting their profile.

This can save valuable time by not having to actually search for new jobs, and then emailing a covering letter and a resume. 

Be Anonymous

Few people are aware that LinkedIn tracks their activity, and then shares it with others on the website.

When you click on someone’s profile to access their information, that individual can then see that you visited them.

However, LinkedIn has an anonymous setting that allows you to view members’ data without them knowing about it.

All you have to do is  change a setting in the option to “select what others see when you’ve viewed their profile” to “anonymous.”

This allows you to visit the profiles of possible employers, your own employees, or clients under the radar.

LinkedIn is a great tool to interact with those in your industry, find new clients and jobs. Take advantage of these secrets to ramp up your LinkedIn usage.

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